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Tarte tatin
potatoes and red onion pie with gorgonzola.
€ 9,00
Raw chopped veal
with a hint of truffle oil
€ 12,00
Vitello tonnato
veal with a creamy tuna sauce
€ 12,00
Vegetarian mussaka
Baked greek speciality with eggplants, potatoes and courgettes
€ 10,00
Cod flan
with a light anchovies sauce
€ 11,00
browned with green beans
, dry tomatoes and potato chips
€ 13,00
King prawns

with cooked onions, pine seeds, raisins and orange
€ 13,00
Traditional starter
Veal with a creamy tuna sauce, raw chopped veal meat with a hint of truffle, tarte tatin with potatoes, red onions and gorgonzola.
€ 15,00


cold raw spanish soup
€ 10,00
Biryani rice
spicy indian rice with vegetables, almonds and raisins
€ 12,00
Eggplant and mozzarella ravioli
with cherry tomatoe and basil
€ 12,00
Agnolotti with braised meat
with butter, aromatic herbs and asparagus
€ 13,00
Fresh pasta with clams and zucchini
with spanish anchovies and crumbled red bread
€ 13,00
Flavoured lemon pasta with king prawns
and broccoli rabe
€ 13,00
Sea bass ravioli
with a light pesto
€ 13,00


Chicken satay
Skewers soaked in a spicy sauce with basmati rice, falafel and yogurt sauce
€ 17,00
Rabbit roll
with herbes and ratatouille
€ 17,00
Sliced filled of American beef
with barbecue sauce
€ 18,00
Browned tuna
with crushed pistachio and red onions jam
€ 18,00
Organic Scottish salmon tartare
with three sauces: teriyaki, wasabi mayonnaise,
oil and vegetables dressing
€ 18,00
Cheese platter
a selection of piedmontese cheese with honey
and jam
€ 12,00


Caprese salad
€ 11,00
Tomato, cucumber, pepper, onions, olives and feta
€ 11,00
green lettuce, radish,carrots, avocado and king prawns
€ 12,00
Green lettuce, tomato, hard-boiled egg, green beans, olives, tuna, anchovies
€ 13,00
Caesar salad
Lettuce, tomato in a parmesan shell, grilled chicken,
croutons and cheese sauce
€ 13,00


Roast potatoes - Steam spinach - purple mash potatoes - broccoli with hot pepper oil - spicy red lentils
€ 5,00
Mixed salad
Lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and fennels
€ 6,00
Mixed grilled vegetables
courgettes, eggplant, chicory, pepper
€ 7,00

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Our Menù

Our Menù

Un viaggio tra i sapori, partendo dalla tradizione del territorio, passando per il mare e raggiungendo gusti di paesi lontani. Annusando spezie calde e inebrianti, senza dimenticare chi non mangia glutine o è vegetariano.